In The Press

We’ve been featured in Sunset Magazine several times now. We were highlighted in the October 2013 issue, and their kind words can be found here. What can we say? We’re flattered.

We were also featured in the June issue of The Tribune. See what they said about us.

We even appeared on the popular Food Network TV show, BBQ with Bobby Flay. The show examines local culinary flavors across the U.S., and they made a stop here to get a taste of our special recipes.

“You can watch the waves from just outside Ruddell’s Smokehouse, a tiny barbecue shack in Cayucos that’s practically on the beach. There are enormous smoked oysters that taste something like a beach bonfire—briny, smoky, and purely of the sea. But here it’s all about the smoked fish. The smoked albacore and salmon tacos are locally famous, toasted flour tortillas packed with enough tender fish to sustain me through a long walk along the shore. I like to buy vacuum-packed smoked fish from the deli case—the perfect snack as I wind my way up the coast.”

AAA Westways Magazine, 06/14

Fantastic smoked tacos! The salmon and the albacore are served cold in the tacos, and the shrimp is served warm. Great blend of flavors with chunks of apple and celery served in the topping. Fantastic local BBQ sauce from Pepper Plant and hot sauce. If you like smoked fish or chicken, this place is a must! This will be a regular stop for me every time I’m in the area.

Dave B, 09/28

The beach life may not be for me, I don’t enjoy sand, bicycles or surfing, but if Ruddell’s were to define “beach life” I would be all in! 

We had smoked oysters, smoked albacore sandwiches, smoked albacore tacos and smoked chicken tacos. We were all in heaven. The simple preparation of of the tacos really let the smokey flavor shine through. These tacos are close to sinful. We all went back for seconds.

Sheena M, 06/05

“Proof positive that good things come in small packages…big flavors just steps from the beach.”

Katy Budge, The Tribune, 06/11

What do you get when you combine smoked fish with a fruity salsa? A delicious tasting taco!

Their most popular taco is the smoked albacore. The smokiness of the fish combined with the fresh kick of the lettuce and apples definitely gets the tastebuds excited. The spices used on the fish…don’t overpower the fish at all. It’s an all around great taco. It is unconventional in it’s make up, but I will gladly eat these smoked fish tacos any day!

Katie H, 10/25

Smoker Jim Ruddell’s “Ultimate Tuna Sandwich” is the best on the Central Coast.

Since 1980, Jim and his wife have been serving locals and tourists damn good lunches! Their ingredients are fresh and local. Truthfully, the fish comes straight from the water and Ruddell’s smoked recipes are absolutely scrumptious.

Call ahead to reserve your sandwiches if you happen to be visiting from out of town because Ruddell’s smoked tuna is quickly devoured by local customers!

Thao T, 11/07